Other ontologies

A number of other (older) ontologies have been developed for different domains during the past years. Some of them are listed below:

  1. An ontology for supporting conversation with a museum chatbot (discussing about the Snake Goddess figurine found in Grete): (.rar)
  2. An ontology for supporting a travel agent application scenario (.rar)
  3. The Grid4All Ontology for the Retrieval of Traded Resources in a Market-oriented Grid (.rar)
  4. An ontology to support the integration and retrieval of heterogeneous data of helpdesk applications (.rar)
  5. An ontology about Eupalinos Tunnel developed for the evaluation of the automated creation of multiple choice questions from domain ontologies (.rar)
  6. Meta-ontologies (administration, argumentation, versioning) developed in the context of HCOME-3O framework for supporting the HCOME methodology (.rar)
  7. Marine Oil Pollution Environmental Ontology (.rar)