Wear4PDmove Ontology

Ontology aim/scope:

Wear4PDmoveOnto aims to semantically integrate heterogeneous data such as dynamic/stream data (collected from wearables) and static/historic data (stored in PHR databases), in order to represent personal health knowledge in the form of a KG (i.e., PHKG), supporting health apps’ reasoning capabilities for high-level events recognition (e.g., ‘missing dose’ or ‘patient fall’ event).

IRI (public @W3id.org): http://w3id.org/Wear4PDmove/onto – Files: https://i-lab.aegean.gr/kotis/Ontologies/Wear4PDmove/Onto-v1.0.0/

@GitHub: https://github.com/KotisK/Wear4PDmove