Research & Development Projects


  1. PREMARPOL: Prevention & Combating of Marine Pollution in Ports & Marinas. An INTERREG Greece – Cyprus project. URL: or
  • Research on the topic of heterogeneous data integration using semantics, under the title “S3-AI approach for Premarpol (marine-weather) Open Data”, can be obtained from here.
  • Experimental 3-years data (in .csv) from marine (underwater) and weather sensors, can be obtained from here.
  • Experimental queries (using D2R Server, Apache Fuseki server and SPARQL endpoints):
    Unified view of 2 SPARQL endpoints mapped to a shared ontology. Two experimental sites (different local RDBs of marine-weather applications) are virtualized (RDF graphs) by 2 different SPARQL endpoints, named Samos_station (data from sensors in Samos port) and Karlovasi_station (data from sensors in Karlovasi port) respectively (try browsing and querying those by clicking on those names).
  • Related paper:

– Kotis, K., I. Athanasakis, and G. A. Vouros, Semantic Integration & Single-Site Opening of Multiple Governmental Data Sources,:, 2014. URL:, License:

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