Research Objectives

i-Lab is one of University of the Aegean Research Groups

  • The research and analysis of the current state of the art in the research fields served by the individual research groups.
  • Cover the educational needs of all the Departments of the University of the Aegean, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in the lab’s scientific areas.
  • Development and evolution of innovative multidisciplinary theories in the field of Computer Science and Cultural Studies.
  • Supervision of postgraduate and doctoral theses.
  • Production of modern pedagogical and research material in printed and electronic form.
  • Undertake research, training and applied projects or studies by other bodies, whether public or private.
  • Developing collaborations with other related organizations, such as research centers and universities of Greece and of the rest of the world.
  • The transformation of knowledge into services and products that can be used by the public and private sector.
  • Developing synergistic actions with local societies where the University of the Aegean is based, aiming at the wider exploitation of Intelligent Systems in current political, economic and cultural activities of citizens to improve their social life.
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