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3D Visualization group

Computer Vision, 3D Graphics, Mixed Reality, Remote Sensing with terrestrial and aerial media for the implementation of intelligent applications in Digital Culture.

Computational Intelligence group

Artificial and Computational Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Expert Systems for modeling cultural data, Fuzzy Systems, Intelligent systems, Genetic Algorithms.

Intelligent Interaction group

Affective Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent Systems, Cultural Heritage Management, Context Awareness, User Experience, Augmented - Virtual Reality, Ubiquitous Computing.

Semantic Technologies group

Knowledge/Ontology Engineering, Semantic Web technologies, Semantic (cultural) Data Management, Semantic IoT.

George Caridakis

Assistant Professor

George Tsekouras


Konstantinos Kotis

Assistant Professor

Interoperability in IoT: A vital key factor to create the “Social Network” of Things

Pliatsios, A., C. Goumopoulos, and K. Kotis,

A novel data preprocessing method for boosting Neural Network performance: a case study in osteoporosis prediction

T. Iliou, C.N. Anagnostopoulos, I.M. Stephanakis and G. Anastassopoulos

Optimized Classification Predictions with a New Index Combining Machine Learning Algorithms

A. Tamvakis, C.N. Anagnostopoulos, G. Tsirtsis, A.D. Niros and S. Spatharis

A methodology to carry out voting classification tasks using a particle swarm optimization-based Neuro-Fuzzy Competitive Learning Network

A. Tamvakis, G.E. Tsekouras, A. Rigos, C. Kalloniatis and C.N. Anagnostopoulos

A Hermite Neural Network incorporating artificial bee colony optimization to model shoreline realignment at a reef-fronted beach

G.E. Tsekouras, V. Trygonis, A. Maniatopoulos, A. Rigos, A. Chatzipavlis, J. Tsimikas, N. Mitianoudis and A. Velegrakis
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