University Hill, Mytilene 81100, Lesvos, Greece

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Research Interests

  • Computational Intelligence
  • Expert Systems
  • Knowledge Representation

Adam Koletis

PhD candidate (2021-today): Fuzzy Knowledge Representation, Biomedical Expert Systems

Dept. of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean

PhD Thesis (2021- today) Title: “Revealing Common Mechanisms Between Neurodegenerative Diseases and Artistic Behaviors Using Fuzzy Knowledge Representation.”

Adam Koletis holds a BSc from the Department of Biological Science, UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DELL’ AQUILA, specialized in Physiopathology. His background includes experience in Biology, Bioinformatics and Scientific Software Development. He has joined the interdisciplinary course of Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics sponsored by Hellenic Open University. For his diploma thesis he focused on the modeling and analysis of cellular systems for identifying common mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. He works on copy variation number in the oncology sector and aims to immerse and acquire knowledge in the sector of Knowledge Representation. He is currently working as a medical data analyst (using R and Python) in BioInformatics-related companies.

Master’s Thesis (2019-21), Hellenic Open University

Title: “Modeling and analysis of cellular systems for detecting common pathways and key molecules of neurodegenerative diseases”.

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