SWIoT: Semantic Web and IoT Technologies

SWIoT: Semantic Web and IoT Technologies

Porto, Portugal
23rd September 2019

SWIoT: Semantic Web and IoT Technologies Special track

along with

UBICOMM  2019, The Thirteenth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies

September 22, 2019 to September 26, 2019 – Porto, Portugal

Semantic (Web) technologies have already proven their effectiveness in various domains addressing multiple challenges such as: a) handling data and systems’ heterogeneity by providing what is called as ‘semantic interoperability’, b) facilitating easy and seamless integration of data-oriented applications, c) deducing and extracting new knowledge from existing data,  information and knowledge repositories, to build applications that provide smart solutions to every-day societal problems, and d) facilitating interoperability among various data processes including representation, interlinking, integration, storage and retrieving of (big) data.

In this special track, our focus is on the combination of Semantic (Web) and IoT technologies to receive high quality research papers presenting the different ways the merging of these technologies can lead the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) to Web of Things (WoT) to Semantic Web of Things (SWoT). This special tack aims to present related work on Web of Things and Semantic Web technologies, and demonstrate methods, tools and techniques designed to enable the rapid development of semantics-based Web of Things applications.

Additionally, it aims to familiarize its audience with tools and applications designed by different Semantic Web, IoT and WoT related projects. Real-world use case scenarios which are designed using semantically-enabled WoT frameworks (e.g., CityPulse, FIESTA-IoT and M3) are more than welcome to be presented.

CfP: https://www.iaria.org/conferences2019/filesUBICOMM19/SWIoT.pdf 

Co-organized with UBICOMM 2019, https://www.iaria.org/conferences2019/UBICOMM19.html


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